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Super Sudoku

I have so many more than this

Those of you who know me know that I love Sudoku. While I’m not one to do it all the time, I tend to carry a book in my bag in order to have something to do in the car (if I’m not driving), while waiting, or during tutoring (my students will be working on something, so don’t worry). And though I do tend at times to sit with nothing in front of me and ponder on the status of the world and on my life (particularly in the morning when my bed is the most appealing thing in the world), I really don’t like having nothing to do.

Try me!

Puzzles used to be my outlet (and I still love to do them), but when I discovered Sudoku (and its portability) I was hooked. It got to the point that people in grad school knew me as the Sudoku girl (and always wanted to study with me, because apparently that makes me a super smart nerd) because I would do them before and sometimes during class. As a joke, I gave each of my lab members Sudoku books (among other things) when I graduated. Needless to say, they thought it/I was hilarious. Why? Because who gives Sudoku books as gifts? A super awesome person, that’s who.

I have a large stack of the books in my room and I’m slowly working my way through them. What has lately surprised me is that a book usually takes me 3-6 months to finish, and I finished my most recent book in less than one. I’m not entirely sure if my mind has suddenly progressed to super genius levels or if the book was somehow easier than others or if I just got lucky or have been super stressed, but I’m accepting this as a sign of my superhero powers beginning to manifest themselves. I look forward to finding out about the rest of my powers.

This would be the best show ever

Anyhow, with this new-found knowledge of my super-intelligence, I know to bring three books with me to China, just in case.

P.S. I wonder what my superhero name will be.



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