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So close!

Everyone… I leave for China in less than 12 hours.

My packing is at 97%, my gifts and purchases are at 100%, my inventory is 90% (still waiting on some stuff to dry), and my mindset is at 110%. I am so excited, and I feel both great and bad about it.

This was the 50% packing stage..

I was able to meet with my old lab crew in order to pick up any gifts they wanted me to take for Shuyan’s wedding, and it really hit me that I’m going to China! Buying gifts didn’t really do it, because all of America was all the mall and the stores with me (btw, I got some AMAZING deals over the past few months), but meeting with them and talking about it made it something that is truly happening.

My family has been amazing. I mentioned before that my father had been a bit reluctant, but he’s the one right now giving me the most advice and support. My sister is happy for me, but wishes she was going too, and my brother (who is not a touchy feely person) held me for more than a full minute telling me how much he was going to miss me. He doesn’t like change, and he really loves my being home since college and grad school are over. And my mom.. this lady has gone above and beyoond helping me to get ready. May God reward her (and the rest of my family and friends) who have helped me get to where I am!

Hoping to avoid this
Some in-flight entertainment

P.S. I have avoided eating Chinese food for 3 months. Here’s to hoping it pays off!



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