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China Compilation Posts

Hello everyone,

I’ve been asked a few times to compile to all of my China posts, so here they are! Looking back, I’m really amazed at how much time I spent writing. I’ve separated the posts into three categories: before the trip, of the trip, and after the trip. I wish you good reading ūüôā


Hello, world!

Super Sudoku

Once Upon a Happily Ever After

Funny eating

We’re getting closer!

And miles to go before I sleep

Smarty Pants

And so it begins

Chinese Gift Etiquette

So close!

Home sweet home


I can’t believe I’m in China

China Trip, Day 3

Chinese Weddings Are Awesome

The Day After

A Day of Eating

Moving Right Along

I’m a tourist!

The beauty of China

A day of worship

Basketball at last

Getting closer

Last day in Huzhou

Time to say goodbye

I’m on my way home


I saw the signs

What I learned in China


I'm a female living near Atlanta, GA. I never thought my life would be interesting enough for a blog, but a trip to China was reason enough to start one :) Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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