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Mais oui!

My first language is English, but I grew up learning words in other languages. Being (semi)biligual has given me such a love of language, particularly as I feel that sometimes a language other than English can better grasp the meaning of what I wish to say.

When learning phrases and such in another language, I’ve always been amused to note that the accent I use varies. However, once I begin speaking, the accent changes.. and though my native tongue is English, I may speak “insert language here” with “insert language other than English here”‘s accent. I have found this fascinating, and would love to continue to learn more languages just to see where, how, and if this continues forever.

Now a note of seriousness: I think it’s really important that everyone speak at least two languages, no matter what they are (and no, Pig-Latin and Ebonics do not count). Always try to learn.. and know that languages are a great place to start.

Now enough seriousness! Here are some videos for you to enjoy 🙂

This was quite possibly the funniest video EVER when my sister and I were young:

And this was my first “official” introduction to French.. I remember feeling super smart when I was later able to understand all of the French in the movie. 

Hope they made you smile! Now laugh at these pictures 🙂



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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