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Walk this way

It’s amazing how a vacation can make one take a step back and examine their life. While visiting our nation’s glorious capital, my sister and I pretty much walked everywhere and took public transportation. I’m not one who generally likes to exercise; I’m totally down to play any sports, but exercise is something that I don’t like doing. I’m not really against walking, either, which made this trip so interesting for me.


While I was in China, we walked nearly everywhere. A 30 to 45 minute walk was not uncommon, and we in fact did walk some nights even longer to get to where we planned to eat dinner. I was never so healthy as I was when in China, and while I can partly say it was due to the food, it really was mostly due to all of the walking we did. I hadn’t really done much walking since I came home, but this vacation really showed me how much ease walking brings to life.

Now before you start calling me crazy for saying that excessive walking made my life easier, let me say that I for sure had painful feet for a day or two before getting used to it. But what I’d like to convey is that it really took away that hurried and hectic aspect from life, as I was able to literally and figuratively stop and smell the flowers on the way. I hope to use that little motivation to begin walking to the grocery store instead of driving those 2 miles. If people in other places can do it every day, I’m sure I can manage it at least a few times a week!

So take a walk. Use the stairs. Take the long way for the scenery. Go outside and twirl around in the sun (while wearing your sunscreen, of course). On a side note, there is currently way too much dessert in my house, and I’m sorry (but not really) to say that at this moment, dessert > walking….. I’ll go for a walk tomorrow 😉



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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