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I’m a tourist yet again!

I’m a tourist. I love walking around new places and checking out the local history and seeing famous places. When I was little, my mother used to take me and my siblings every summer to the National Mall area in DC to visit each and every one of the museums and exhibits they offered. The only museum we never clicked with were the art museums, and luckily we only visited those once before my mom decided not to take us again (I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored in a museum before.. art is beautiful, but it doesn’t teach me anything like history and or science can). Plus, I think she got a bit bored, too. Seriously, modern art confuses the mess out of me. What’s so artistic about a blue circle splashed on the center of a white canvas? Maybe I’m lacking the art gene, but I just don’t understand.

Also, of course my sister and I took the obligatory pictures of the Hope Diamond. I’d expected to be a bit more impressed by it (and of course it’s a really big diamond) but looking at it just made me feel that it’d be a big weight around the neck, I’d worry about losing it, and then that it wasn’t that pretty of a piece anyway. There was some AMAZING jewelery on display at the museum, but I’ve never really been a blingy kind of girl. They’re great to look at, but I know that I”d never be comfortable wearing anything that big or expensive. I can just hear my mom telling me that it’s not like I’ll be buying a piece like that anyway, so why waste my time thinking about it? Haha my mom is funny 🙂

We were up there while about 40 or so embassies opened their doors for an open house tour of the cultures, food, music, dance, and merchandise (of course!) of their countries. I have to say that of all the embassies we visited, the Egyptian one was by far the best. Arabs really know how to have a party! Seriously, the inside was amazing, there was fun music, and the displays that they’d set up were fabulous.  

One of the areas that was most beautiful was the Botanical Gardens. I don’t remember visiting when we were little (I’m not sure if it’s been around that long) but the flowers and the weather were gorgeous. It was such a beautiful day, and I had just been fueled by an orange and vanilla dream bar. I’m no photographer, but it’s hard to take bad pictures when nature makes things so easy. My sister and I didn’t go into the conservatory area so that’s something else to return to see.  

We also visited an old friend of mine at Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. The campus was a lot smaller than I expected, but we all know that that’s really irrelevant. It was really modern looking, but the area surrounding it (it’s Baltimore) was pretty bad. There were underground walkways and covered skywalks so employees could get straight to their cars or to other buildings after dark in safety. Still, it was pretty cool to visit and see some of the labs.

Here are some pictures from the trip! I’d have to say that the Smithsonian museums were a definite favorite, and I wish that we’d had time to visit the spy museum. I think every kid at one point was certain they’d be a spy, ninja, and or pirate, so this would have definitely thrilled my inner child. I’m still 100% sure that my life is headed towards ninja status; I already halfway dress like the ones in the movies 😉 Next time! It’s definitely something to add to the reasons to go back North.

Honestly, it was a really fabulous trip. I got to reconnect with some old friends, stay with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in about 15 years (!!!), and be the biggest tourist possible without carrying a fanny pack (saw plenty of those). I really understand why people say vacations are important because this really helped to recharge my batteries and send me out refreshed into the job hunt and teaching world. I can’t wait for my next trip!




Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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