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“Of course it’s clean!”

So said the little girl as she handed me the stickiest balloon EVER and asked me to blow it up for her. I looked her in the eyes and asked her the question again: “Is this balloon clean?” This time, she slyly looked at me and said “It’s clean to me!”

At that, I handed her back the balloon and told her that she needed to blow it up herself 🙂 The little miss then proceeded to stick said ballon in her pocket and run off, slightly miffed that the “fun lady” didn’t do as she asked. And yet, as soon as she joined the rest of the kids, she sent me the cheekiest smile and proceeded to run off into the playroom. 

A little later, a couple of the other children told me that the balloon in question had been found in the corner of the storeroom,  dropped several times on the floor, been on her plate of dinner, in her mouth, passed around to the other children and held in her hands immediately after she wiped her face off when she was done with her cake. But don’t worry; of course it’s clean. 

Hooray for children making me laugh 🙂



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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