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Enjoy your just desserts!

Let’s admit: we all love dessert. For those strange folks out there who claim otherwise, you’re wrong. I know many people may not eat dessert as often as they would wish, but dessert is one of the best things about food… at least, in my opinion πŸ˜‰

During Ramadan, I had the nice self-given responsibility of making desserts that kids would like. I was sneaky about it, too; I’d bring my dessert to the masjid (mosque) and hide it until dinner was mostly over, bringing it out only when everyone had a chance to eat and so everyone would have a chance to have dessert and not just merely the kids. With my sneakiness, I also because the designated cake-cutter: whenever (except for maybe once or twice) there were large cakes, I was asked to cut and serve as my pieces were generally uniform in size, I was fair in my portions, and I had no problem refusing anyone who came for a second piece while there were still people waiting for their first.Β 

Now I wasn’t able to take pictures of every dessert I made, but I did manage to get a few! The ones that I have included are:

  1. Chocolate peanut butter bars- I melted chocolate and butterscotch chips in a 1.5:1 ratio with butter, spread a bottom layer and let it cool. I then put a layer of peanut butter and rice krispies mixed together (along with sugar), let it sit in the refrigerator again, and then spread another layer of chocolate. This came out really good! I usually make chocolate peanut butter balls (the peanut butter mixture dipped in chocolate) but didn’t have enough time. The end result was better than Reeses Peanut Butter cups, if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰
  2. Now this second dessert (one that I was asked multiple times to make again) was Captain Crunch Krispies. I literally just mixed butter, kosher marshmallows, and the cereal together and pressed it down in a tray. This was by far the most popular dessert I made all Ramadan: I left it in the kitchen area for five minutes and found a bunch of kids pecking at it like little birds, haha!
  3. Now this was probably my favorite out of all of the desserts. These are ice cream cone cupcakes made with confetti cake. I really wanted to use regular vanilla/yellow cake with food coloring, but my mom told me not to make things complicated (it’s not complicated when creating wondrous desserts!!) I feel that yellow cake would have tasted better as I’m not really a fan of white cake. They looked after I frosted them, but then I remembered I had a pack of Mike&Ikes so I ran and used all of them for decoration. These were a hit, to say the least.
  4. Now these next two are made with Cocoa Krispies and Fruity Pebbles. My mother told me that Captain Crunch was just too big for the bars, so I went with the smaller cereals. I have to say, I think the Captain Crunch version came out better. I like how colorful the Fruity Pebbles are, but I think Trix cereal would have worked a lot better and been just as colorful. But I do think that the M&Ms really added to the chocolate version.. the kids were coming just for those!
  5. This one was a raspberry cream cake. For those of you who have Publix grocery stores, the idea was to copy the one that they sell (which is DELICIOUS but very rich). I heated raspberries with a little water, butter, and sugar, and reduced it until it was gel-like. Be careful with the color; I splashed a bit on myself and my sister thought I’d cut my hand off. I baked a regular yellow cake with butter instead of oil, and let it cool in the fridge before working on it. I then cut it in half and spread the raspberry mixture. I would have iced the inside first but didn’t have enough cream cheese. Once the raspberry was spread, I put the top back on and messily frosted it with my cream cheese icing (cream cheese, butter, sugar, confectioner’s sugar, and a little of the raspberry juice: no seeds!). I didn’t get a picture until it was almost gone, but at least this way you can see the layers.

So I hope this comes across as just sharing ideas instead of shamelessly showing off! Trust me, if I was going to show off, I definitely would not have been the one taking pictures.. I have no photography skills. And on top of that, I suck at presentation. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it! I know it’s different from my usual posts, but hey, at least I waited until none of you were fasting to post this πŸ™‚



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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