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I like to read the reading

As my mother (and most anyone who knows me in the least) can attest, I am and always have been an avid reader. I remember being in kindergarden and coming home on Fridays with a book bag full of books that my teachers thought would last me a month, only to trudge back to school on Monday will all of the books read over the weekend. While some kids could sit for hours in front of the tv, I would be lost to the world while reading. To this day, my mother blames my poor eyesight on my reading by nightlight when I was younger. Even now, I find it hard to sleep until I’ve finished a book! I’ve only managed to delay my sleep twice, haha.

With my love of reading established, one would think I’d be ecstatic over the youth reading nowadays. While books like Harry Potter made me happy, the fact that the ilk of Twilight and its spawns have become popular disgusts me. The books tend to be very poorly written and the message conveyed is supposed morality completely drenched in archaic and frightening concepts of “love, affection, happiness, and a woman’s place.” Before any of you Twi-hards start screaming at me, yes, I’ve read all four books. I do not speak of subjects on which I have not informed myself.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, The Little House on the Prairie… I remember reading the unabridged The Count of Monte Cristo in 6th grade, and loving it! I loved Beauty and the Beast when it came out because Belle was one of the first Disney heroines to do things on her own instead of waiting to be rescued. Those were my heroes. Why are the likes of ‘Bella’ yours?

And now I’ll get off my soapbox 🙂 For those of you who will say “well that’s great, another lecture; what should they read?,” my response is “how should I know; I don’t know what you like so get out and go to your local library and start picking up books and do something with your mind.”



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

3 thoughts on “I like to read the reading

      1. More seriously, my favorite author is probably Madeline L’Engle. When I read A Wind in the Door, which is the sequel to the much more famous A Wrinkle in Time, it was the first time I ever cried because something was beautiful.

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