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In search of the perfect pen

Utterly mesmerizing

I enjoy writing. Yes, I realize this is something I share with every teenage girl across the world, but I mean actually writing. I tend to write myself little notes so that I can remember details that I would otherwise forget, and I recently started writing letters with friends. Remember writing letters? And remember passing notes in school? As a teacher, I see how that is totally gone. Texts and pictures are all the rage, which makes me sad, but that’s a whole different story. 


His skills with a pen have always impressed me

My handwriting looks nice in pencil, but the second I pick up a pen, my hand is switched with an exact copy from another dimension that has terrible handwriting. I truly cannot think of another explanation for the dramatic difference there is when I write in pen versus pencil. In all honesty, it’s probably a psychological/OCD thing (I feel as if I can’t erase, it’s going to look bad and my psyche is probably committing subterfuge to show that I should just stick to pencil). I’m really big on everyone having erasers (I give one to each of my students; nearly all of them have given their erasers names) and take mortal offense if they use pencil erasers instead. Let’s not even get into crossing something out instead of erasing….do that in my class and you’re as good as disowned.

Remember how gel pens were super popular? When I was in middle school and high school, I remember actually spending money on black paper so the ink would show up clearly and bright neon. I even wrote a diary entry (on the white paper..) in lime green neon ink. It is so blindingly bright on the paper that to this day I have no idea what it says.

Where did they all come from?!

Anyway, a perfect pen can’t be fully defined because it varies per person. I don’t like when the ink clumps together at the tip of a ballpoint pen and leaves that random smudge that smears on paper, and I don’t like the looseness of ink pens. I hope to one day find the perfect pen, but until then, I will leave you with an image of the one pen fully loaded with swag that is still guaranteed to make you the envy of all your peers. You’re welcome 😉



Enjoy my little descriptions of life and experiences, and feel free to leave any comments and or suggestions!

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